4 February 2016

Defending Further and Adult Education: Shaping the future

Shaping the future
SOAS, Central London Sat 5th March.
Further and Adult has a long and proud tradition in providing education for those who did not achieve what they were capable of at school and we have concrete evidence that second chance education has transformed people’s lives.  Why, then, is it that Further and Adult Education is under attack as never before? Three and half million people attend Further and Adult Education Colleges, including the majority of 16-18 year-olds not in work and yet the 30% cut to the Adult budget and the government’s area reviews may well lead to the end of Adult education as we know it and to a significant reduction of the 16-19 provision.
This conference has been organised for all those who want to defend and promote all that is best within Further and Adult education while at the same time effect change. There will be contributions from a range of stakeholders such as lecturers, students and educationalists, who will discuss a range of issues, through workshops and plenaries. The conference will provide a space to discuss how we can create a national Further and Adult education sector that is responsive to the needs of our communities, an alternative to the stifling market–led educational policies of successive governments.
Come to the conference and help launch the movement to defend Further and Adult education and take it forward to new chapter in its long history.

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