Industrial action

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15 Dec 2014

Report on special FE Sector Conference held to discuss national bargaining and pay campaigning strategy.

11 Dec 2014

Please support Lambeth College UCU, more details inside.

5 Dec 2014

Please Support Lambeth College Strikers.

26 Nov 2014

In response to the calling of a special sector conference.

21 Nov 2014

We believe that the UCU leadership of the USS pension dispute has no strategy for defending our pensions. Their approach is to negotiate cuts in our pensions without putting up a serious fight.

14 Nov 2014

Lobby HEC to urge them not to suspend the action on USS.

14 Nov 2014

Motions on the USS dispute passed at UCL.

14 Nov 2014

Motions passed at SOAS as part of the pensions dispute

14 Nov 2014

New leaflet and model motion for the USS dispute.

11 Nov 2014

Update on the current situation in the USS dispute at Liverpool University.

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