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4 Jun 2014

An overview report on the discussions which took place at congress.

1 Jun 2014

An overview of the important motions, including the full text, of motions passed at HE Sector Conference.

1 Jun 2014

All of the UCU Left reports and briefings from congress.

1 Jun 2014

UCU Left Bulletins distributed at congress.

6 May 2014

Please send messages of support and sign the petition.

5 May 2014

UCU Left leaflet answering the question “where do we go from here” on HE pay.

27 Apr 2014

Please sign in support of the victimised members.

17 Apr 2014

The employers association has offered 2% in advance for the 2014/15 pay round, with no movement on 2013/14, UCU left urge that members vote NO in the consultative ballot on this

3 Apr 2014

A leaflet to use in your branches to build for the marking boycott.

28 Mar 2014

The threat of strike action at UCLAN has lead to the withdrawal of compulsory redundancy proposal.

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