10 February 2012

UCU NEC unanimously agree to join with NUT and PCS in strike action on 28 March

UCU NEC unanimously agreed to join with our sister trade union the NUT, and the PCS, and therefore to re-schedule the previously agreed date for national strike action from March 1st to March 28th in line with the unanimous decision of their NECs.

Further, the NEC unanimously agreed to conduct a campaigning consultative survey of members with a very strong recommendation to agree with the NEC’s decision to reject the HoA and move to further coordinated strike action with trade union colleagues in other unions.

Finally, it was noted by the NEC that the HoA did not indicate a ‘significant change’ to the earlier ‘final offer’ and that, in the campaign to build for and win members to the 28th March joint strike action, the recommendation would highlight that the HoA was totally unacceptable given that UCU members are still expected to work longer, pay more, and get less.

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