23 January 2017

General Secretary and NEC election materials

UCU NEC and General Secretary elections open on 1st February and close on 1st March.

UCU Left recommends the following candidates for a member-led, democratic and fighting union.

steve jo carlo paul elio safia rhiannon mandy richard marion phoebe ioanna lesley k mark pura

Please click on the candidates’ names to download their election flyers.


Steve Cushion

Laura Miles

carlojoGeneral Secretary and Vice President HE

Jo McNeill for GS & Carlo Morelli for VP

paulHonorary Treasurer

Paul Anderson

elioMidlands HE

Elio di Muccio

rhiannonsafiaMidlands FE

Safia Flissi

Rhiannon Lockley

richardmandyUK-elected members FE

Mandy Brown

Richard McEwan

FE North East (Casual vacancy)

Mark Dunkerley

ioannaphoebemarioncarloUK-elected members HE

Carlo Morelli

Marion Hersh

Phoebe Moore

Ioanna Ioannou

marklesleySouth HE

Lesley Kane

Mark Abel

Marian Mayer

puraRepresentatives of LGBT members

Pura Ariza



  1. Peter Gates said:

    Thnaks . I think I did join UCU Left.. but heard nothing

    13 February 2017 at 1:11pm
  2. Mandy Brown said:

    Hi Peter, apologies for the delayed reply. We have added you to our mailing list. Please let us know if you don’t receive anything in the next couple of weeks.

    14 March 2017 at 4:25pm

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