4 June 2018

A democratic UCU – defend the right to dissent

A model motion for branches

When passed, please email to a UCULEFT or sympathetic NEC member asking for it to be raised at the next NEC.

A democratic UCU – defend the right to dissent


Branch notes:

  1. The closure of Congress 2018 when delegates repeatedly accepted the advice of the CBC that motions 10 and 11 relating to censure or no confidence of the General Secretary were in order and voted to hear them.
  2. The assertion that the Gen Sec of the union is an employee like all others and that motions 10 and 11 were an attack on staff terms employment rights.
  3. Congress voted for a recall congress to conclude its business.

Branch believes:

  1. As the General Secretary is a unique role among union staff as an elected position, motions 10 and 11 are in order.
  2. We have the right to hold elected officials to account whilst recognising the valuable work of UCU staff.
  3. The Congress rules were broken in closing Congress
  4. The right to dissent is necessary to achieve unity in our union

Branch resolves:

  1. We have confidence in the CBC rulings at Congress 2018 that motions 10 & 11 were in order and the Congress vote to debate the motions at the recall Congress.
  2. Not to let this distract us from organising to defend pay, jobs and conditions.


  1. Andy Coles said:

    Hunt says people were crying over our tactics, but the reality the tears were over lost motions due to undemocratic walkouts by the union bosses who need to be held to account for closing debate and wasting peoples time. Disgusting behaviour at a conference addressing members who have spent money and made arrangements to attend. Hunt should go, along with her mates.

    5 June 2018 at 4:41am
  2. Dave Clancy said:

    These people need to be beaten, broken and driven across the land. How soon before we can vote them out? Sally Hunt could get a job in Unite or politics tomorrow anyway. Key selection criterion: contempt for those you represent.

    7 June 2018 at 3:46pm

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