22 December 2019

UCU VP and NEC elections 2020

Ballot box

Elections for the UCU Vice President (VP), National Executive Committee (NEC) and trustees will take place beginning 31st January and closing on 4th March. As many members do not take part in these elections, it’s important to encourage as many as possible to use their vote in order to strengthen the tradition of a strong member-led union.

To ensure we have a VP and NEC committed to fighting for decent pay and conditions, vote for the UCU Left supported candidates listed below.

The VP this year is selected from the Further Education sector. However, ALL members (including members in HE and retired members) can vote for Margot Hill. Margot has led a series of successful disputes at Croydon College, particularly over casualisation, and has an excellent record as a union activist.

Vice President
Margot Hill
Mike Barton
Martin Ralph
North East HE
Bruce Baker
Steve Lui
North East FE
Saleem Rashid
London and East HE
Paul Anderson
Roddy Slorach
Midlands HE (casual)
Alan Barker
UK-elected HE
Mark Abel
Sunil Banga
Julie Hearn
Jo McNeill
UK-elected HE (casual)
Sunil Banga
UK-elected FE
Richard McEwan
Saleem Rashid
UK-elected FE (casual)
Nina Doran
Women HE
Pura Ariza
Rhiannon Lockley
Marian Mayer

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