A letter to Sally

HEC member calls on Sally Hunt to ‘redress her bias’ in the USS vote  & supplies Sally with a negotiating paper for the, ‘vote NO, revise and resubmit’ position

Dear Sally

You have chosen to use your position of privileged access to UCU all-member email lists to repeatedly articulate the case for a YES vote in the live consultative ballot on the UUK proposals for USS.  In the interests of fairness and democracy I request that you now circulate the case for a NO vote using the same distribution lists.  An example case can be found here.  At the end of this email I have listed the UUK proposals, annotated with suggested points for negotiation in red font.  This supports a ‘revise and resubmit’ position ie. a NO vote; please include it in your circulation.

The Higher Education Committee (HEC) is the decision making body regarding these matters.  HEC did NOT approve to recommend a yes vote therefore it is incumbent on you to redress the bias that you have created in this process.

In the interest of respect for all members of this union, I hope you will act on this immediately.

Yours sincerely

Lesley McGorrigan

(UCU HEC member)

Suggested revise and resubmit negotiating position April 2018

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