A new model for Post-16 education, no return to business as usual

New model landscape

Resist unsafe teaching
Defend jobs, defend education

UCU Left Webinar
7pm Monday 5 October


  • Mark Abel UCU Left – Secretary, Brighton University & Chair
  • Bee Hughes – LJMU & Acting Chair


  • John McDonnell MP & former Shadow Chancellor, on the government’s handling of the crisis.
  • Laura Verdasco, Student at #GlasgowUniversity, on the resistance from students.
  • Sarah Joss, Branch Officer, Heriot Watt University, on their ballot and campaign to defend jobs.
  • Delmena Doyle, Health & Safety Rep, Croydon College, reporting on further education colleges battles for safer work
  • Pura Ariza, Equality Officer & NEC, Manchester Metropolitan University, after their historic branch meeting, and vote of no confidence in the VC. 
  • Suzanne Jeffery, Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union Group on the movement and our role as post-16 educators. 

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It is an understatement to say the government’s handling of the crisis is appalling.

They were warned that Universities and Colleges provided a perfect vehicle to accelerate the spread of Corona Virus. Then they have the audacity to scapegoat young people.

Universities and colleges are now at the centre of the storm with the debacle we have seen in the way students have been treated. 

Universities have literally set the dogs on our students and locked them up with extortionate fees and rents!

The corona virus has shone a light on the bankruptcy of the market system in post-16 education.

UCU Left hosted a series of meeting throughout the lockdown involving hundreds of activists to help bring people together.

UCU has placed itself at the head of resistance to unsafe work within the wider trade union movement.

Join us to discuss:

  • Building the grass roots to fight the immediate attacks we face.
  • Build confidence to stand firm against the business as usual new-managerialism.
  • Bring the Climate Emergency and Black Lives Matter movement to our campuses and curriculums.
  • Chart a course for an alternative to the market in post-16.

There will be a brief report back from the HESC and national executive meetings.

We invite everyone who has joined us before to share what is happening on the ground where you are.

All welcome.


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