About UCU Left

UCU Left is committed to building a democratic, accountable campaigning union which aims to mobilise and involve members in defending and improving our pay and conditions and defending progressive principles of education.

We aim to build active supporters groups at local, regional and national levels. We resist any trends away from member-led policies but cooperate fully with union officials when they act in the best interests of the union.

We fight for better funding and to defend academic freedom and civil liberties in the face of the neo-liberal agenda of the privatisation of education, which involves both undermining standards and prioritising the market. We stand for the principle of free universal education under democratic control of education workers, local communities and learners at all levels.

We oppose oppression of all kinds and will fight to ensure that equality work is central to the union.

We argue for the right to take unrestricted solidarity action and, therefore, oppose the anti-trade union laws.

We stand in international solidarity with workers’ struggles and we support the struggles of oppressed people. >> Join UCU Left

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