After the A level and BTEC fiasco, rebuilding the fightback

A-level fiasco landscape

No return to unsafe campuses
Defend jobs, build solidarity

Open activist meeting called by UCU left

7pm Monday 7 September

All welcome


As the new academic year begins join us to discuss how we organise to keep our communities safe, build the fightback on jobs and 4fights in colleges and universities, bring the BLM movement and the climate emergency campaign into our workplaces and raise solidarity in the fight to defend jobs.

• How do we turn UCU’s opposition to face-to-face teaching into a reality?
• How do we build solidarity with SOAS and others fighting redundancies?
• What should we argue for at the forthcoming HE Sector Conference?
• How do we maximise the vote for Marian and Peter in the final phase of the VP/NEC elections?
• Reports from branches welcome.

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