After Truss’ election: How strikes can win.

Date: Wed 28 September
Time: 6.30pm
Venue: Online
Guest Speaker: John McDonnell MP
Plus voices from the frontline including postal, rail and dock workers as well as workers from UCU HE and FE campaigns

The election of Liz Truss as the leader of the Tory Party and therefore PM has sent shivers down the spine of millions of working people across the country. 

The crisis we are facing is a multifaceted one. Rising energy prices, food shortages, disruption of supply chains, tight labour markets and war. Combine this with the crisis in funding, in education, the NHS and our social services and we have the potential of a political and economic crisis of historic proportions.

Meanwhile the shareholders in the revised energy companies raking it in. Record profits are being made and £billions are being poured into the pocket of the already fabulously wealthy.

But there are signs that the trade union movement is on the cusp of the most significant wave of coordinated strike action Britain has seen for a generation. This meeting will discuss how we can make sure that this potential can be turned into reality.

Join us.

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