Another Education is Possible

“The challenges that we face in our colleges and universities are immense. These are likely to intensify as the recovery of the global economy falters and a plunge into a second recession is highly likely.

The attacks that we face are part and parcel of a supposed solution whereby austerity has been foisted on working class people rather than those who caused the crisis in the first place. We are looking to build the strongest and most united fight to defend jobs and education. But we also believe that another education is possible – one which is free, open to all and determined by a thirst for knowledge and learning and not the diktats of the market.”

UCU left has created a publication which touches on a wide variety of the issues facing further, adult and higher education today, it’s been available in hard copy since November 30th, and is available online as a Pdf here, and as and ePub here.

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