USS Ballot Results November 2021

UCU Left congratulates USS members on the excellent ballot result. Obtaining 53% overall turnout and over the 50% threshold in 37 branches in a very short ballot period is amazing. It shows the commitment of members to defending USS and …

If we don’t fight, we lose

Which HESC motions should be supported, and which opposed?

The two current disputes in Higher Education are of the utmost importance to UCU and its members in the sector. Both are fuelled by the employers’ desire to drive down the …

The Fight for Trans Rights

A photograph of a trans pride flag laid out flat

Note on terminology: this article will use the term trans throughout as an umbrella term referring to a range of trans, nonbinary, genderqueer and gender non-conforming identities (as many trans-led organisations such as Gendered Intelligence do). We will use other

LBGT+ Members’ Conference 2020


The LGBT+ conference took place on Saturday 5th December, via Microsoft Teams. It was attended by around 50 colleagues, and we heard from four guest speakers across two panels. Five new members were nominated and elected to the LGBT+ …

Further Education Sector Conference 2020 Report

Collectivise the resistance: Covid Safety, Pay and Working Conditions

This year’s rescheduled UCU Further Education Sector Conference (FESC) met on Saturday the 12th of December online via Zoom under the extraordinary conditions of a second wave of Coronavirus.

In addition …

UCU Black Members’ Conference Report 2020

BLM protest, London, 6th June 2020.

This year’s Black Members UCU Conference took place in a world that saw the COVID 19 pandemic, economic recession, climate crisis and the brutal murder by the police in the US of George Floyd. Seen by millions across the world, …