UCU Left eve of Congress Rally

 Cost of living crisis: We won’t pay for their wars, their austerity or their climate catastrophe

6.30pm Tuesday 31 May
Register: bit.ly/CongressEve2022

Confirmed speakers 

  • Professor Gus John on Justice for Child Q 
  • Asad Rehman, War on Want, on the climate

Now not Never! HEC report (12/5/22)

HEC met at a crucial time in the HE disputes with a marking and assessment boycott due to start in just over a week. To avoid undermining the dispute by revealing sensitive information to the employers, we cannot divulge details …

Our disputes are in danger

This is a hazardous moment in the Four Fights and USS disputes. There is a danger of our planned action for this term unravelling, leaving us with no plan for defending members from our employers’ attacks.

Very late on Friday …

Voting advice Four Fights SHESC

Amended for the actual voting form

Here are the voting recommendations for delegates to the Four Fights Special Sector Conference held on Wednesday 20th April.

UCU Left is calling for a vote in favour of motions which propose continuing the …

USS results update: Keep up the fight

University of Liverpool UCU demonstration 1 April

The USS results followed the pattern of the Four Fights votes. Twenty-four branches secured a mandate for action. This is obviously considerably fewer than in the last round, but that’s not the whole story.

The votes for action were strong. …