Building a campaign for a ‘Yes’ vote in the HE pay ballot


Members and Branch officers will be a little bemused at the absence of a campaign for a ‘Yes’ vote from the UCU leadership over the summer.

Many members will have been unaware of an impending ballot even as the ballot paper arrives through their letterbox. All will want to know what the details of the offer are, and what the unions are claiming. Many will want to know what the implications of a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ vote will be.

There is some information available on the UCU website, though it requires a search, since it dates from June. At the time of writing no new material was available. What exists can be found at:

Stop the Squeeze Flyer

Stop the Squeeze Poster

Branch committees are urged to print off and distribute and display this literature, or to ask for bulk orders from the Campaigns Team at UCU Head Office.

Branches should also hold meetings to discuss the pay claim and its implications, and then send information to all members.

For further advice, branches should contact their NEC member for HE, and should seek a report from discussions at Region from their representative on the Regional Committee.

If branches would like a speaker from the UCU Left, which holds the minority position on the national HE Committee, please contact Laura Miles on

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