E-ballots and union democracy

A debate is currently underway about how democracy in UCU should work, with some members arguing that more use should be made of e-ballots. This is UCU Left’s view.

Union democracy as principle and necessity
For trade unions democracy is …

The dates are out

Build the strikes but push for action that can win quickly

University employers have now been notified of seventeen further strike dates following next Wednesday’s walkout when we will strike and march alongside NEU, PCS, ASLEF and RMT members.

The …

HEC votes to call escalating action

large demonstration outside King's Cross railway station with UCU banners

The UCU Higher Education Committee (HEC) met on Thursday 12 January to review the union’s industrial action strategy in both disputes.

What is at stake

First, the Committee Secretary and elected UCU negotiators reported on the progress of pay negotiations.…