NUT/UCU Strike Report – London

At yesterday’s NUT strike rally of over 10,000 people in Parliament Square, Mark Campbell was invited to bring solidarity greetings from UCU. His was the penultimate speech, just before the Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell. You can watch it here (We

NUT/UCU Strike Report – Brighton

Yesterday (Tuesday 5th July) witnessed a magnificent demonstration of teachers and lecturers in Brighton. Striking teachers, members of the NUT from this part of Sussex, joined striking lecturers from the University of Brighton in a 1,500-strong demonstration through Brighton. The …

Support the UCU and NUT strikes 5 July

Defend education from the Cradle to the Grave

  • Defend pay and conditions.
  • Close the gender pay gap and end casualization.
  • Solidarity with striking teachers and lecturers.
  • Join the pickets and join the marches.

Solidarity with striking teachers and lecturers.

The …

Dundee UCU Strike Action

Dundee UCU has voted overwhelmingly for strike action against threats of compulsory redundancy in the School of Humanities and against downgrading and job losses in the School of Medicine.

Members voted 72.5% for strike action and 86.3% for Action Short …

Collective Action Works!

For over a year, Newcastle University UCU has been in dispute with the senior management over a coercive performance management scheme called “Raising the Bar”.

On Friday 3 June, the UCU branch began a marking and assessment boycott, hitting examination …