UCU Black Members’ Conference Report 2020

BLM protest, London, 6th June 2020.

This year’s Black Members UCU Conference took place in a world that saw the COVID 19 pandemic, economic recession, climate crisis and the brutal murder by the police in the US of George Floyd. Seen by millions across the world, …

UCULeft Pre-HESC Meeting

UCULeft Pre-HESC Meeting


7:00-8:30pm Monday 14 December

This is an open meeting to discuss motions submitted to HESC, taking place on 15th December, and provide UCU Left voting guidance. The discussion will be led by Marion Hersh and Sean Wallis. …

Report from UCU Women’s Conference

Nita Sanghera

Nita Sanghera

We remembered Nita and shared impressions.  Saira Weiner, of Liverpool John Moores University proposed 30 seconds’ silence.

Employment issues

Kate Moran presented a summary of Maternity Action’s report on “Insecure Labour”, which includes powerful statements from union members, …