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17 Dec 2015

UCU prepares for coordinated strike with Unison for 2nd of March.
Defend pay, defend education: Fund FE.
***Mass lobby the AoC Governance conference on the 2nd of …

8 Dec 2015

The HE Green Paper:
The Threat to the Public University
…and what we can do about it

Christopher Ingold Chemistry Building, University College London
Speakers from: UCU, Campaign for …

3 Dec 2015

The UCU National Equality conference in Eastbourne ran from 12 November to 14 November.
The Women’s Conference was on the 12 November. The conference considered the …

26 Nov 2015

We must debate and oppose the Green Paper
Download this article as a leaflet: UCULeft – green paper
The Conservative Government’s Green Paper, Fulfilling our Potential: Teaching Excellence, Social …

26 Nov 2015

What is the government response to this catastrophe? To bomb a country that has already been bombed backed to the Stone Age and to make it even more difficult for young people from working class backgrounds to access further and higher education. Both of which can lead, as has been shown in the past, to more terrorist attacks and violence on our streets.

3 Nov 2015

UCU Strike Leaflet 10 Nov
All out all for November 10th strike: defend pay, defend education, strike for the lost generation.
***Update: John McDonnell, Shadow Chancellor confirmed …

31 Oct 2015

The government argues that the sector needs to change to ensure that young people and adults have the necessary skills and education to enter/re-enter the workforce. However it doesn’t take much examination of these proposals to see what really lies behind them.

18 Oct 2015

The UCU branch at the Open University are in dispute with management over their proposals to close 7 of the English Regional Centres in Birmingham, …

18 Oct 2015

UCU left statement to defend pay and the sector.
All out for 10th November strike.

UCU votes 73.7% yes for strikes to defend pay.
All out 10 November …

11 Oct 2015

Messages of support for the SOAS Occupation can be sent to either:
Tom King, Students’ Union Co-President Welfare & Campaigns, tk68@soas.ac.uk
Hannah Slydel, Students’ Union Co-President Democracy …

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