Current Disputes

1.       A growing number of branches are facing redundancies – nearly 800 redundancies in just 23 colleges so far.  Chesterfield College is balloting on this now, as are Sussex Downs and Croydon. Richmond College held a 3 day strike

Support for Sunderland College and Gateshead College UCU

The management of Sunderland College and Gateshead College are imposing demotions, pay cuts and redundancies on staff at those colleges – we need to give them full support with messages of support and donations.
Messages of support/comments can be made

Action for ESOL manifesto Launch

Action for ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) launched its new manifesto for ESOL on Saturday March 3rd at UCU Head Office in north London.

A good turnout included MP Heidi Alexander, representatives from the Refugee Council, Migrant Workers …

Campaign Appeal

Since Natfhe and the AUT merged five years ago to form the University and College Union, UCU Left has worked hard to build stronger branch and regional organisation in order to promote the defence of post-16 education and to fight …

Who is in UCU Left?

UCU Left is a broad left grouping of members of the 120,000 strong University and College Union. We are committed to building a member-led, democratic UCU, one which is founded on a strategy of campaigning and collective action rather than …

USS conference report, January 31st, 2012

Written by Malcolm Povey (personal capacity)

The USS negotiators’ motion to suspend our industrial action in return for talks with the employers won the day against the 15 other motions arguing for continued or escalation of action. The supporters of …