The End of GCSE’s as we know it

A petition has been launched by the NUT in conjunction with the NAHT, NUS, Equity, the Musicians Union and others against the threatened abolition of GCSEs.. It is a matter of extreme urgency since the official deadline for consultation is

Protest Against the Autumn Statement

Build for protests across Britain against austerity on 5 December, the day of the government’s “autumn statement”.

Defend jobs, services and education
Hands off our NHS
Stop attacking the welfare state

Join the London protests:

March from King’s College, the …

We are Waltham Forest anti-EDL demonstration

A magnificent and historic victory against the EDL in Walthamstow

Thousands of people joined an anti-EDL unity demonstration in Walthamstow on Saturday 1 September, organised by We Are Waltham Forest and Unite Against Fascism.

It was a day of celebration …