Report on NEC/HEC 13 March


Brighton picket: Bring on the reballot!

UCU’s NEC met last Friday in the context of a global Coronavirus pandemic. It was followed by a short emergency HEC, called in response to requests by members of UCU Left, to address the two disputes the union is …

Coronavirus, capitalism and class


The outbreak of the Coronavirus COVID-19, has created panic across the globe.  The Italian government has just placed 16 million people under quarantine. Schools, universities, gyms, museums and nightclubs have been closed across the whole country. In total across the …

Let’s push on to victory

London College of Fashion Dundee Picket
After the first five of our 14 strike days, the employers are looking for ways to settle. There were talks last week in both disputes and more to follow this week.

Both sides know that the future direction of higher …

Defend Trans Rights

The cartoon in the Morning Star depicting trans people as vicious predators would have been shocking if it had appeared in the Daily Mail. But to see it in a socialist newspaper with its roots in the trade union movement …

Why UCU Left?

Debate during the UCU elections has raised the question of why the UCU Left exists and why there are groupings and ‘factions’ in the union.
For a number of years two organisations have put forward candidates for elections with competing

March for Planet, Pay & Pensions

Fight for a future! • Support the university strikes!

Solidarity with School Student Climate Strike

Demonstrate: Friday 29 November 2019

Assemble: 11am Malet Street, London WC1E 7HY

March: 12 noon to parliament

Rally: 2pm Westminster Central Hall SW1H 9NH

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