NEC Elections 2021

UCU Left calls on members to vote for candidates who are committed to fighting for Health and Safety, workers’ rights, equality, and protecting the planet.  

In the coming UCU NEC elections it is important all members vote.  Low polls comfort only …

UCU VP and NEC elections 2020

Elections for the UCU Vice President (VP), National Executive Committee (NEC) and trustees will take place beginning 31st January and closing on 4th March. As many members do not take part in these elections, it’s important to encourage as many

Why we are supporting Jo McNeill for UCU VP

Vote Jo for UCU National VP for HE

Higher and Further Education are at a crossroads

The Conservative Government is wedded to a path of increasing market competition between universities and colleges. They are ideologically committed to the commodification of education.

Universities and the academic values they are …