Post-election review

UCU elections review

The UCU General Secretary (GS) and national elections (NEC) results are in. This election has played out against the backdrop of the US election, Brexit and a huge movement to fight for equality that is gaining momentum.…

NEC and GS Elections End this Wednesday


The Absolute Last Posting Day for Ballot Papers is THIS  Monday – please post yours this weekend if you haven’t already done so.


We’re now entering the last few days of the UCU General Secretary

Jo McNeill, General Secretary, in TES

Jo McNeill for General Secretary

UCU must address the “massive disconnect” between its leadership and members if it is to ensure post-16 education continues to have a future, says General Secretary election candidate Jo McNeill.

Article in TES on UCU General Secretary elections which open …

Then they came and kept on coming…

A movement not a moment bw (1 of 1)

Some demonstrations are more significant than others. Not simply because of their size but because of what they represent.

The response, yesterday, to Trump’s ‘America First’ inauguration speech, a slogan stolen from the American fascists of the 1930’s, was awe-inspiring.…