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24 Jan 2014

Election Leaflet for UCU Left.

5 Dec 2013

Visit online now at: http://lorainemonk4vp.wordpress.com

28 Nov 2013

Report back from the UCU Left Conference on the 9th November.

4 Oct 2013

A conference for all UCU activists. Speakers from other unions fighting austerity and from current campaigns.

4 Sep 2013

Election leaflet for North East HE NEC by-election.

7 Mar 2013

A brief comment on the election results and a message from Liz Lawrence.

28 Jan 2013

General Secretary, supported by the ‘Independent Broad Left’, calls for up to 27% cut in costs from UCU staffing, and an end to Annual National Congress and Conferences

5 Dec 2012

UCU Left supported candidates in the forthcoming NEC and National Officer elections (Vice President and Treasurer) need your support.

16 Nov 2012

Solidarity with striking workers across Europe.

10 Sep 2012

Mandy Brown is an excellent candidate for the NEC with a reputation as a local activist and as a national campaigner to defend ESOL.
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