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24 Sep 2012

Printable poster and details of the march in solidarity with London Met international students.

7 Aug 2012

A report from the recent committee meeting outlining the discussions and decisions made.

5 Aug 2012

Further attempts to attack equal rights for all in the workplace by the current government.

13 Jul 2012

The full text of a motion which was put to the NEC, but remitted, callng for the condemnation of Ed Milliband for his speech blaming immigration for problems within the country.

7 Jul 2012

UCU Left report back from the most recent NEC meeting.

5 Jul 2012

A conference of resistance, Saturday 22 September, Central London

14 Mar 2012

Short commentary on the financial aspects of Sally Hunt’s proposals for the union.

14 Mar 2012

A response to a number of the questions and answers in the referendum Q&A.

14 Mar 2012

Clear reasons why Sally Hunt’s proposals are wrong for our union.

8 Mar 2012

The Con-dem assault on education
UCU members face a shocking assault on our jobs, pensions and institutions. These attacks come against a background of consensus amongst …

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