Why we need real democracy in UCU

UCU march on 31 Nov 2022, including banners saying "On the back of our labour"

What lies behind the continual delays in announcing industrial action and the current tussle between Jo Grady and the Higher Education Committee over strategy in the UCURising disputes? This article explains where the conflict comes from and why fighting for

UCU Left NEC report, Friday 17th June 2022

Friday’s UCU National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting was the first meeting of the newly-elected committee after Congress.  The General Secretary gave her report, which she also recorded for broadcast. 

HE disputes

The General Secretary was questioned on the line in …

VP and NEC election results

UCU Left congratulates all the successful candidates in the UCU elections. We would like to thank all those members who voted for UCU Left candidates and helped us achieve some excellent results.

Our candidates did extremely well in general, winning …

HEC report

UCU’s Higher Education Committee met on Friday. For legal reasons we cannot divulge the decisions on action that were taken. But when the outcomes are officially announced, many members will feel that the planned action falls short of what is …

Escalate the action to win

An injury to one…

The Employers are trying to break our union.

That is what the threat of pay docking for lecture-rescheduling ASOS means.

We face a simple choice …