HEC Report 26 February

Too slow, too timid and too obstructive

HEC met on 26 February amid over a dozen universities making redundancies and victimising trade union activists. However, the resistance of members in branches means employers are not getting their own way. Branches …

The Fight for Trans Rights

A photograph of a trans pride flag laid out flat

Note on terminology: this article will use the term trans throughout as an umbrella term referring to a range of trans, nonbinary, genderqueer and gender non-conforming identities (as many trans-led organisations such as Gendered Intelligence do). We will use other


SOAS Picket

This week SOAS confirmed plans for up to 150 expected redundancies across its staff. The impact of these cuts will be devastating. Members of SOAS UCU will begin a ballot for industrial action from Monday 17th August, while the SOAS …