UCU NEC Report March 2024

Aberdeen UCU victory

National, not local, strategies are needed to win better pay and conditions

Friday’s NEC showed that far from strengthening her position at the top of UCU after her re-election, Jo Grady will find it increasingly difficult. There will be no …

UCU Elections 2024

Election runs from 25 January to 1 MarchWhy you should vote for UCU Left candidates

UCU Left is a large group of leading rank-and-file activists, officers and reps who are committed to making UCU both more effective and more democratic.

The sectors we work in are under

Keep up the strikes!

Manchester Strike 25/9/23

Our Union, our Disputes, our Sector in Danger

  • Solidarity is the way to rebuild

  • Build the reballot

  • We need to debate the action we need to win

Our Higher Education strikes this week are essential for the future of our …

No retreat into a service union

A paradox in UCU’s leadership under General Secretary Jo Grady exists. Her leadership has been defined by the adoption of an ‘organising’ model championed by the writer and activist Jane McAlevey. Yet faced with intransigent employers the actual model being …

UCU: A Union without a leadership

The Marking and Assessment boycott has been on since 20th April, and has proved the power of members to halt the universities’ ability to award degrees. Members have shown a magnificent willingness to take and sustain the action in the …