HEC REPORT 30TH April 2021

HEC discussion focused on negotiations on pay campaigns and pensions. Whilst confidentiality prevents much discussion, it is possible to say the following.


On pay the 0% non-offer in 2020-21 has been repeatedly rejected by UCU members in electronic ballots …

HEC Report 26 February

Too slow, too timid and too obstructive

HEC met on 26 February amid over a dozen universities making redundancies and victimising trade union activists. However, the resistance of members in branches means employers are not getting their own way. Branches …

The Fight for Trans Rights

A photograph of a trans pride flag laid out flat

Note on terminology: this article will use the term trans throughout as an umbrella term referring to a range of trans, nonbinary, genderqueer and gender non-conforming identities (as many trans-led organisations such as Gendered Intelligence do). We will use other