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9 Oct 2012

A full report of the Higher Education Committee including the full range of nationally important campaigns in branches, Pay and Pensions.

29 Sep 2012

The General Secretary’s message to branch officers refers to a downturn in the union’s total membership during this year. This is a reversal of the …

19 Sep 2012

Details of the London wide demonstration in support of London Met international students.

19 Sep 2012

With inaction from the national union, it is up to branches to build for a yes vote in the HE pay ballot.

19 Sep 2012

Vote yes in the HE pay ballot

19 Sep 2012

Reporting back from the results of the USS conference, and action needed for branches now.

14 Sep 2012

Right across the country UCU Branches and others have organised lunchtime demonstrations, here are some photo’s of just some of them. Many UCU branches, and …

14 Sep 2012

Below is Mark Campbell’s full speech to TUC Congress 2012 proposing Emergency Motion 1 on London Met.
NB – Mark was unable to complete the speech …

10 Sep 2012

Last week saw an excellent 400 strong lobby and demonstration in support of London Met staff and students in the campaign to protect students, courses …

7 Aug 2012

A report from the recent committee meeting outlining the discussions and decisions made.

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