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25 Jan 2012

Election address for 2012 NEC Elections

19 Jan 2012

Election address from Elizabeth Lawrence, standing as UCU left candidate for HE in the North West Region

16 Jan 2012

NEC Election address for Jelena Timotijevic, for UK elected member – HE.

13 Jan 2012

conference organised by UCU Left to discuss a strategy for the defence of further, adult and higher education at a critical moment to defend pensions and plan a strategy in the fight against cuts and privatisation.

12 Jan 2012

Expression of disappointment and concern at the General Secretary’s report on TPS negotiations sent on 10th January.

9 Jan 2012

A discussion paper outlining the impact of CARE on the USS pension.

9 Jan 2012

Endorsements for Mark Campbell as the next General Secretary of UCU

9 Jan 2012

An overview of why you should vote for Mark.

9 Jan 2012

Full list of names for the UCU left candidates for the up coming elections.

9 Jan 2012

All of this years election leaflets and flyers all collected in one easy to find place.

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