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29 May 2020

Organising meeting hosted by UCU Left
7.30pm Monday 1 June.

Louise Regan, NEU National Officer Membership and Equality
Tom Armstrong UCU Branch Chair SOAS
Peta Bulmer Anti-casualisation Officer, University of …

25 May 2020

As part of a concerted attempt to persuade members to accept UCEA’s offer and end the Four Fights dispute, the General Secretary and those attempting …

14 May 2020

Resist Redundancies • Defend education

Boris Johnson has decided it’s time to relax the lockdown and start getting people back to work.
But nothing has changed: a vaccine for …

12 May 2020

An article appeared in FE week reporting that the government is about to release a white paper on the future of Further Education. It says …

5 May 2020

Thanks to everyone who joined last night’s fantastic organising and strategy mass meeting and for all your excellent contributions. Over 170 people joined the call.
In …

3 May 2020

One of the Collegiate Campus picket lines in late November 2019
Excessive workloads are the scourge of the Higher Education sector, having been massively intensified over …

24 Apr 2020

Speakers to follow.
This is part of a series of webinars during the crisis hosted by UCU Left.
You can view past webinars here.

Fighting for Education in …

9 Apr 2020

A UCU Left Hosted Webinar
View here

Chair: Bee Hughes, LJMU Branch Committee.
Daniel Kebede, NEU Senior Vice president Elect
Matt O’Leary, Professor of Education
Sean Vernell, NEC
Marian Mayer, UCU National …

2 Apr 2020

The Academic Gig Economy: Defending Casualised Workers in the Lockdown
View video here
The jobs massacre has started, fightback now!

Welcome: Mark Abel,UCU Left Secretary, Brighton University UCU
Chair: …

29 Mar 2020

Join the UCU Left to discuss the crisis, its impact on our jobs and how we should organise as trade unionists to fight for the …

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