Chris Jones

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Keeping an eye on Union business

I am currently employed at NPTC College Wales, where I currently teach and coordinate HE in FE courses in the School of Business Management. I have taught at levels from 2 to 7.  Therefore. I have knowledge of the problems and issues  in HE and FE.

I have held office at branch, association, Wales and UK level. The Welsh FE Sector has elected me as their chair for the last ten years.  I was elected President of Wales for four successive periods and spent seven years on the NEC. In Wales, I have been involved in successful campaigns to 

  • Restore collective bargaining in FE
  • Establish a national contract
  • Achieve a national pay scale
  • Move to end Part Time Hourly Paid contracts and the scourge of casualization.

          We are currently talking with employers and Welsh Government about workload reduction.


In addition to those successes. I have spent the last five years as a member of the Teachers’ Pension Scheme Board, where my role has been equivalent to a Trustee of the scheme evaluating the risks to the scheme and considering the tenders for contracts.

          I joined NATFHE in 1988 and have unbroken membership of NATFHE/UCU ever since that date, campaigning for improved pay and conditions, widening access for all students and against prejudice on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation and class. My whole career has been spent in areas of multiple socio-economic deprivation helping students to progress. 


I am proud to stand for this office as a member of UCU Left.  It is my belief that my varied experience as an academic and an activist, my tenure in Welsh Conference Business Committee, my five years  membership of the Teachers’ Pension Scheme Board, my knowledge of the rules and the constitution of both the NEC  and my commitment to a member led democratic UCU, dedicated to fighting for natural justice, human rights and widening student access qualifies me to represent you as a Trustee.