Congress 2018 UCU Left Fringe Meeting

The return of the rank and file


7.30pm Wednesday 30 May
The Mechanics Centre
103 Princess Street
Manchester M1 6DD

The UCU is in transformation. We have seen a new rank and file emerge to defend pensions and jobs, and take the fight to the employers over pay.

Come to the UCU Left Fringe meeting to discuss how we can strengthen the development of a democratic fighting union and the next steps in key campaigns.

There will be time for discussion and an opportunity to gather support for branches in dispute.


Nita Sanghera, UCU President elect.

Axel Persson, CGT railworker, on the mass strikes in France against Macron’s attacks on workers’ rights.

Marian Carty, UCU President of Goldsmiths, on the Gold paper and reclaiming our Universities.

Carlo Morelli, USS Negotiator, about the JEP and next steps in the fight to defend pensions.

Sean Vernell, FE Vice Chair, and TES author, on how we build a national campaign on pay.

Guest Skype in from the Virgina Teachers strike.


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