Consultation open • Vote Reject on 4 Fights, Reject on USS!

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To implement the reballot result, vote REJECT on Four Fights and REJECT on US

The reballot results were clear. UCU members in HE want to continue the fight. They do not believe that the employers’ offers on Four Fights or USS are anywhere near good enough and they want a marking and assessment boycott (MAB) to take the fight to the employers.

But the General Secretary is determined to confuse members and muddy the waters. Despite the brilliant ballot result, we are to be consulted on the offers by e-ballot to see if we really meant it when we voted for action in such huge numbers.

This is ridiculous. We need to insist that the MAB, backed by strike action to deter punitive deductions, is called immediately and goes ahead.

The best way to ensure that is to achieve massive votes to REJECT in both ballots. UCU HQ is trying to mislead members by replacing the option to Accept with ‘Note’ on the Four Fights. They are trying to claim that if the offer is ‘Noted’ the dispute is not over and that action can be restarted at any time in the future.

This is misleading. Not only would not rejecting the offer mean accepting the 15% pay cut imposed on us for this year and next, but the employers have made it clear that any industrial action in the next 12 months would end their participation in the talks on pay-related issues. Any action in academic year 2023-24 would require a new ballot in any case, possibly on new grounds of dispute.

On USS, a massive vote to reject will keep the pressure on the employers to live up to their promises and ensure that our two disputes remain coupled. ‘Noting’ the offer would give HQ the opportunity to call off the MAB for the Four Fights as well as the USS dispute.

With the National Education Union (NEU) having voted overwhelmingly to reject a rotten deal on pay and calling more strikes, we are part of a wider movement rejecting pay cuts. We also have the chance to link up our fights with others who are fighting back. 

Let’s not fall for any attempts to sweeten the reality of what we have been offered or to blunt the result of our overwhelming reballot results. 

Vote Reject on Four Fights! Vote Reject on USS! Let’s start the MAB!

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