Deepa Govindarajan Driver

UCU NEC elections: 
Vote Deepa Govindarajan Driver for Honorary Treasurer

Experienced, Engaged
and Accountable

 As Honorary Treasurer 

  • I have the knowledge, skills andexperience that allow me to discharge the financial oversight duties of the role
  • I seek to build a strong, resilientfinancial base for our union. It is my priority to ensure union funds are applied honestly, effectively and in accordance with democratic mandates.
  • I am committed to ensuring members receive decent strike pay, so that all our members can participate in action, without experiencing financial distress.
  • I prioritise increasing uniondensity and collective strength, including by making subscription rates progressive and reasonable. Members should be able to afford not just to join UCU but also to stay in UCU.
  • I support devolved nations’ budgets,and respect branch autonomy overlocal funds as these preserve healthygrassroots.


 Lecturer, University of Reading since 2008; I teach regulation, state and corporate accountability, risk and ethics 

Financial Regulator (FSA); I have also worked at Citigroup, Lloyds Banking Group and in consulting undertaking roles in governance, risk, compliance

 Union positions held

  • Vice-chair, Higher EducationCommittee, and member of theNational Executive Committee
  • National negotiator, Pensions
  • National negotiator, Pay andEqualities
  • Chair, Legal Services Review Panel
  • Branch Pensions Officer

Across Britain, Dickensian levels of inequality afflict society. This has impacted post-16 education and the societal context in which our students and we engage. UCU must credibly defend members and our community at this time. 

 I have the necessary expertise to serve you as Treasurer and a strong track record of safeguarding members’ interests in our union. Both sound financial skills and a commitment to democratic decision-making are vital for this key national officer role. My strength is drawn from building on our collective power and the varied expertise of our members and allies. 

Through my contributions within the union, I have sought to earn the trust of members by walking the walk, not just talking the talk. At this current time for example, I am on the frontline working as a negotiator as we take necessary industrial action to defend pensions, jobs, pay and working conditions.

As an experienced member of UCU’s NEC and negotiating team, and having served previously on the Strategy and Finance Committee and as branch President, I am very familiar with the business of UCU. I am aware of the real challenges at local, regional and national levels. I strongly support UCU’s equality agenda and the need to manage workloads and end casualisation. I work well with colleagues across FE and HE. I have also built alliances of solidarity with community activists and sister trade unions. I am accustomed to working collegially with paid officials and elected officers and committed to upholding union democracy. Please vote for me and for the other UCU Left candidates.

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