Don’t forget the VP and NEC elections!

UCU members are in the middle of major strike action. In HE we are seeing phenomenal attendance on picket lines. In FE strike preparations are underway.

The reason these strikes are happening is as a result of UCU Left members standing for elections and arguing consistently to fight. Our members are leading on the ground, in their branches and regions. They have led Get the Vote Out campaigns and built confidence of members to strike. So when they speak at a national executive meeting they represent hundreds and thousands of active members.

But in the past a small proportion of members have tended to vote in elections. Sometimes votes can be won by a few votes.

The outcome of these elections will also have a real impact on the future of UCU.

In the excitement of the strikes we must not forget about the elections. Let’s build a fighting democratic UCU together.

Click here to download flyers for the relevant candidates for your picket lines.

Remember to vote in this order…

Officer and NEC elections 2017-2018

Nominations received
Vice President from the further education sector
Brian Hamilton (Novus Prison Education)
1. Nita Sanghera (Bournville College)

Geographically-elected members of the National Executive Committee
London and the East HE (4 seats to include at least one woman)
4. Prof Paul Anderson (Queen Mary, University of London)
Sarah Brown (Anglia Ruskin University) [woman]
3. Rachel Cohen (City, University of London) [woman]
2. Ioanna Ioannou (University College London) [woman]
1. Sean Wallis (University College London)
Amanda Williams (University of East Anglia) [woman]

London the East FE (2 seats)
Pete Monaghan (Cambridge Regional College)
2. Julia Roberts (Lambeth College)
1. Sean Vernell (City and Islington College)

North East HE (3 seats)
Paul Errington (Teesside University)
1. Dr Jeff Fowler (University of Sunderland)
Joan Harvey (Newcastle University)
3. Mike Lammiman (University of Hull)
2. Dr Steve Lui (Dr Sun Chong Lui) (University of Huddersfield)

North East FE (1 seat)
Rob Goodfellow (Hull College)
Jack Kirtley (Stockton Riverside College)
1. Saleem Rashid (Sheffield College)

North West FE (1 seat)
1. Carol Cody (City of Liverpool College)
Janet Farrar (Bury College)

Northern Ireland (HE) 
1. Peter Collins (St Mary’s University College Belfast)
Renee Prendergast (Queen’s University Belfast)

Northern Ireland (FE – uncontested)
David Limb (North West Regional College)

Wales HE (and vice president UCU Wales) (1 seat)
Vida Greaux (University of South Wales)

Honorary Secretary UCU Scotland (1 seat – uncontested)
Janice Aitken (University of Dundee)

UK-elected members HE (5 seats; to include at least one post-92, one academic related, one woman)
2. Mark Abel (University of Brighton) [post-92]
Dave Anderson (University of Glasgow) [academic related]
4. Sunil Banga (Lancaster University)
Michael Carley (University of Bath)
3. Elio Di Muccio (University of Birmingham) [academic related]
Joanna de Groot (University of York) [woman]
1. Dr Julie Hearn (Lancaster University) [woman]
Michael McKrell (University of Central Lancashire) [post-92]
5. Jo McNeill (University of Liverpool) [academic related, woman]

UK elected member HE (1 seat: casual vacancy)
Dr Jacky Collins (Northumbria University)
1. Dr Marion Hersh (University of Glasgow)

UK-elected members FE (3 seats; to include at least one adult continuing or community based education (ACE))
Robert Clunas (Leeds City College)
1. Margot Hill (Croydon College)
3. Naina Kent (Hackney Learning Trust) [ACE]
2. Richard McEwan (New City College (Tower Hamlets))
Pete Monaghan (Cambridge Regional College)
Mel Stouph (Hull ACE) [ACE]

Representatives of women members from the HE sector (3 seats)
1. Dr Sue Abbott (Newcastle University)
2. Pura Ariza (Manchester Metropolitan University)
Ariane Bogain (Northumbria University)
3. Marian Mayer (Bournemouth University)
Victoria Showunmi (UCL Institute of Education)

Representatives of women members from the FE sector (2 seats)
Carolyn Campbell (Trafford College)
2. Martha Harris (City of Liverpool College)
1. Elaine White (Bradford College)

Representative of members in landbased education (1 seat)
Helen Burley (Askham Bryan College)
1. Eleni Michalopoulou (University of Liverpool)

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