Dundee UCU Strike Action

Dundee UCU has voted overwhelmingly for strike action against threats of compulsory redundancy in the School of Humanities and against downgrading and job losses in the School of Medicine.

Members voted 72.5% for strike action and 86.3% for Action Short of Strike.
Dundee University Court insisted on supporting the establishment of a redundancy committee even though job losses of 2-3 FTE staff were being sought in the School of Humanities. This in an organisation of over 3,000 staff. In the School of Medicine the refusal to commit to no compulsory redundancies and no downgrading of staff through a reorganisation shows the failure of the University’s commitment to its staff.

Students in the School of Humanities have started a petition which has already received 1,400 signatures. We ask everyone to circulate and sign the petition.

Please send messages of support to ducu@dundee.ac.uk

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