Emergency Covid-19 Staff Student Assembly

At the UCU Solidarity Movement (SM) meeting on 28 September UCU representatives from over 20 UCU Branches who had come to discuss the Special Higher Education Sector Conference agreed to support the SM’s call for an Emergency Covid-19 Staff Student Assembly on 10th October 2020.

The event focuses on linking up with students and all Further and Higher Education staff and union members. Our colleagues, our students and communities in and around the colleges and universities are now in the front-line of dealing with the Covid-19 crisis. The experience of Scotland, together with the English, Welsh and the Northern Ireland HE sector – covering at least 40 Universities with Covid-19 outbreaks – provides the rationale and our evidence base for this event.

The UCU Solidarity Movement will set-up, publicise and build the Staff / Student Assembly for all four nations on Saturday 10 October.

We’d ask that all union organisations who agree, to publicise this call and support the UCU-SM in building this event.

1 Register here for the organising meeting this Saturday 3 Oct at 11:00

2 Register here for the Emergency Covid-19 Staff Student Assembly Saturday 10 October at 11:00

3 Sign up to the Solidarity Movement Mailing List to ensure you get up-to-date information here

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