Endorsements for Angie McConnell – candidate for Vice President

Angie has her election in address online here and there are flyers online here, below are a few endorsements of Angie’s candidacy for union vice president (FE).

Angie has been a stalwart of UCU. She’s a champion of equality, supporter of those in need and I fully expect her to be an outstanding President.

Gavin Reid Chair of Education Committee

Angie has worked tirelessly for UCU, She has been active at branch, regional and national levels. She was an inspiring chair of the NEC Equality Committee and was also chair of the union’s Legal Panel and a member of Congress Business Committee. No-one has a better knowledge of our union’s structures and procedures.

“In my opinion, Angie is uniquely well placed to become vice president, and ultimately president, of UCU and I urge you to vote for her.

Alan Whitaker, Immediate Past President


When I was elected this year as Chair of the Equality Committee after Angie stood down I was well aware that she would be a hard act to follow.

Angie’s commitment to promoting the interests of all members has been second to none and she remains a constant source of wise counsel and advice.

I know that she would be a first rate president of the union in the difficult times ahead and I have no hesitation in urging members to vote for her.

Laura Miles, LGBT (FE) NEC rep, Chair of the LGBT Members Standing Committee, Chair of Equality Committee.


As well as being a determined activists and branch officer in defence of members’ terms and conditions locally, Angie has proved herself a resolute champion and strategist in the struggle for equality in post-16 education.

As Chair of the UCU’s Equality Committee, she has achieved a considerable advance in the union’s policy and practice in this area, particularly in moving issues of equality to centre stage, and making them part of the union’s industrial agenda.

As a member of the Strategy and Finance Committee, she brought her eye for detail and her dogged perseverance, to bear on the union’s financial decision-making to ensure that the union’s assets and members’ long-term interests in the union are secure.

Her most important quality is her commitment to trade union democracy.. She has always been powerfully insistent that the UCU must be, and must remain, a member-led union, and must resist the blandishments of a servicing model of trade unionism.

The position of President, is primarily one of ensuring the observance of the constitution as a defence of members’ control over their trade union, as well as being the figurehead and public face of the union. In this respect, I cannot think of a more able candidate for this role than Angie McConnell.

She has been a reliable and insightful colleague and ally. As Chair of the Recruitment, Organising and Campaigns Committee (ROCC) since the union’s formation, I have no hesitation in commending Angie to you as our future Vice President.

Tom Hickey, UCU National Executive, Chair ROCC, member of Strategy and Finance Committee, and Chair of University of Brighton UCU

Angie McConnell has shown a huge commitment to the union she has worked locally, regionally and nationally (at the same time) and supported a great number of members in case work and even more with campaigning.

She has encouraged and supported new activists – led training and worked with Regional and National Officials to develop policy and procedures that have benefited countless union members. She has an extremely sharp eye for detail and is the person that many people go to for advice on rules and standing orders.

She has been instrumental in the steering of the equality agenda in UCU as chair of the equality committee.

I support Angie for President – she know this union inside out – she has a great sense of fairness and sound judgement, through her long standing experience across the sectors she knows the members she represents and in her unique quiet and confident manner will not shirk the responsibilities of President to bring the lay members concerns to the forefront of the union.

Maire Daley, Liverpool Community College UCU & TUC Women’s Committee

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  1. Angie is principled and independent, and committed to working for all members with an excellent record on equality work. She would make an excellent vice-president and president

  2. Angie is amongst the most effective trade unionists in UCU. She is also non-partisan, a key attribute for the Vice President / future President. Joel Petrie (Disabled Members Standing Committee)

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