Gaza – an Appeal from Palestinian Colleagues

Please see below a message from the British Committee for the Universities of Palestine requesting UCU members to consider four suggested actions and also forwarding the request to any colleagues who you think would be sympathetic.

Gaza – four things we can do in less than five minutes for the people in Gaza. Please forward to as many colleagues as possible in your institution, and via your trade union.

  1. Respond to the appeal from our colleagues in Bir Zeit University
  2. Sign the BRICUP petition to the UK Government
  3. Join the Academic Commitment for Palestine
  4. Register for the seminar on ‘Israel’s Crisis and Palestinian Resistance’ introduced by the celebrated Israeli historian Ilan Pappé on 26th October (this month).

Appeal from Palestinian academics

Here is an appeal from our colleagues in Bir Zeit University, in Ramallah on the West Bank, on behalf of academic colleagues in Gaza. It is asking scholars internationally to condemn what is a genocidal Israeli assault on the population of Gaza, and to hold Israeli academic institutions to account for their complicity in the decades of ongoing oppression of Palestinians, and the attempt to expel them from their land.

The appeal – read it here:

The BRICUP petition

‘To Stop the Killing, Address the Causes’ – condemn war crimes; end impunity for Israel’s behaviour; stop the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians; and withdraw the anti-boycott legislation.

Sign it here.

The Academic Commitment for Palestine

The Commitment is the response of concerned UK academics to Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian land, and the intolerable human rights violations inflicted on all sections of the Palestinian people, now compounded by the medieval siege, ethnic cleansing, destruction and invasion of Gaza. We will maintain this position until the State of Israel complies with international law, and respects universal principles of human rights.

Join the Commitment here.

The Ilan Pappé Seminar

Register for the seminar here.

See the schedule of 2023-4 seminars here.

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