Meeting – COP26: How can unions respond to the climate emergency?

Join our next online participatory UCU Left meeting, co-hosted with Campaign Against Climate Change

Monday 18th October, 6.15pm


The COP26 summit will not bring about the radical change necessary to address the climate emergency. It is going to take mass mobilisation to challenge the powerful interests behind the fossil fuel economy and force governments to act.

It is an urgent task and trade unions must play a central role in it.


Camille Barbagallo, COP26 Coalition. 
Asad Rehman, War On Want
Suzanne Jeffery, Campaign Against Climate Change
Rhona O’Brien, Liverpool Hope UCU and Liverpool COP26 Coalition
Rahul Patel, University of the Arts, London UCU. 

Themes for discussion:

  • mobilising a trade union bloc for the global day of action 6/11
  • decarbonising and decolonising our colleges and universities
  • achieving ‘just transition’.

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