NEC Votes to Join May 10th Strike Action

At today’s special NEC meeting the TPS members of the NEC voted 23 to 9 to join with PCS and Unite (in health and the MoD), Nipsa and RMT in taking national strike action on Thursday 10th May. May 10th could now see 470,000 public sector workers on strike in defence of pensions and is a fantastic boost to the campaign.


A UCULeft leaflet and report will follow.


We urge UCU members to urgently begin preparations for the M10 strike.


This might involve planning branch meetings, inviting  NEC members to those branch meetings, and contacting other trade unionists locally, especially those in PCS, Unite and the NUT, to set up or revitalise local activists’ network meetings.


Solidarity and support from non-TPS UCU branches will be very important to the success of this strike.


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