Omar Feraboli

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We are all migrants
We are all one people

I joined UCU in 2013 when I moved to the University of Dundee after 12 years of academic work in Germany and previous 10 years of work in Italy in the private sector.

 I am currently employed as a Senior Lecturer in Economics at the Dundee University Business School, and I am member of UCU Left.


Fighting for more democracy and more transparency in the process of decision-making within the Union is essential to promote action from below, and to ensure that UCU really represents all members, regardless of their nationalities, genders, sexual orientation, disability or age.

Now more than ever, there is the need to strongly oppose right-wing forces that are in power for more than a decade, and that are transforming Britain in a ‘toxic’ country, in order to fight against xenophobia and criminalisation of migration, against institutional racism within universities, and against the hostility that the government repeatedly demonstrate.


As academic union, UCU should promote the role that academic institutions can play in addressing discrimination issues both inside and outside universities.

Within universities, decolonisation of the curriculum should be pursued as a genuine target which can affect society and produce an authentically inclusive teaching environment, and not just as a purely formal and fake action which has no real impact.

This requires greater awareness by all UCU members of all issues and threats faced by workers in a very inimical environment, and the realisation that only strong collective action can lead to success.

More coordinated efforts with other unions and with left parties in the UK are therefore necessary.

Hasta la victoria siempre!