Staff walkouts shutdown UCU congress. Both morning and afternoon sessions were brought to a halt by the walkout of UCU employees.

The issue at stake was the right of UCU Congress delegates to represent members’ criticisms of the conduct …

Congress 2018 UCU Left Fringe Meeting

The return of the rank and file


7.30pm Wednesday 30 May
The Mechanics Centre
103 Princess Street
Manchester M1 6DD

The UCU is in transformation. We have seen a new rank and file emerge to defend pensions and jobs, and

UCU Transformed day school: A great start!

Activists' school

150 delegates representing 54 colleges and universities attended the London Region hosted UCU Transformed activist day school. It was an inspiring day. Delegates discussed and debated how to continue the process of turning UCU into a democratic fighting union, building …

GS emails on the USS ballot

There has been much comment on the UCU Activists List and elsewhere on the question of democracy within UCU and the role of the four emails sent by the general secretary during the USS ballot.

As these emails were sent …

Let’s get ‘tough on the causes of crime’

Bowery Boys

The recent killings of young people on the streets of London is heart wrenching for the families and communities affected. It was two years ago that from my ninth-floor flat window in East London I watched a 17-year-old boy die …