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The UCU is facing a crisis. Some say that this crisis is a financial crisis. In fact, it is a financial crisis that is being transformed into a political crisis as some in the leadership of the union seek to use the fall in membership as an opportunity to turn the union away from campaigning for members’ terms and conditions, and in defence of public education, towards a servicing model of trade unionism.

Compulsory redundancies for UCU staff back on the agenda. Member representation and union democracy cut.

Sussex Occupation under threat of eviction, get down there, or contact them and the VC to show your support for the occupation.

The main discussion was around the finances of the union. Having a packed agenda and a long discussion on the finances meant that some agenda …

Report back from Dave Gibson from the Halesowen Solidarity tour in South Yorkshire.

Report back from Essex University UCU action on March 6th as part of the national anti-casualisation day of action.

A brief comment on the election results and a message from Liz Lawrence.

Update on the strike last week, with photos from the picket lines.

The University and College Union (UCU) is balloting its almost 1,000 members at the University of Birmingham for strike action next month.

General Secretary, supported by the ‘Independent Broad Left’, calls for up to 27% cut in costs from UCU staffing, and an end to Annual National Congress and Conferences