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Please send any strike reports or photos to uculeftweb@gmail.com

Current disputes around the country, we will aim to keep this up to date with colleges where they ballot or go into dispute, and where messages of support can be sent.

The management of Sunderland College and Gateshead College are imposing demotions, pay cuts and redundancies on staff at those colleges – we need to give them full support with messages of support and donations.

Advice and leaflet for building the strike on May 10th.

At today’s special NEC meeting the TPS members of the NEC voted 23 to 9 to join with PCS and Unite (in health and the MoD), …

The government has accepted all of the recommendations of the the interim report of Lingfield review, which was commissioned to look into into professionalism in …

Report back from the M28 London region pensions strike.

The ballot for constitutional reform of the union has lacked any significant debate, here we try and tease out the implications of the questions put.

Short commentary on the financial aspects of Sally Hunt’s proposals for the union.

A response to a number of the questions and answers in the referendum Q&A.