The five key issues at stake for UCU in the NEC Elections 2021

Election candidates

PostCandidate &
recommended voting order
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Honorary Treasurer1 Professor Paul Anderson
Midlands HE1 Rhiannon Lockley
2 Alan Barker
Midlands FE1 Dharminder Chuhan
North West HE1 Saira Weiner
2 Sunil Banga
South HE 1 Mark Abel
2 Dr Deepa Govindarajan Driver
3 Richard Bradbury
South FE 1 Philip Wilson
UK-elected HE 1 Marion Hersh
2 Lesley McGorrigan
3 Maria Chondrogianni
4 Sunil Banga
UK-elected FE1 Margot Hill
2 Saleem Rashid
Representative of Disabled Members 1 Marian Mayer
Representative of LGBT+ Members1 Bee Hughes
Representatives of Black Members 1 Dr Deepa Govindarajan Driver
2 Juliana Ojinnaka