Pay Campaign and call for Further Education Special Conference

Following the decisions of the FEC to abandon this year’s claim we are calling for support for an FE special sector conference to establish an effective pay campaign.

UCU will meet with the employers at the end of April and we need to ensure we have a strategy that shows we are serious about defending pay and the sector. We cannot leave it until the June FE conference.

Under UCU rules, 20 branches can call for a SCC.

Below is a model motion calling for a Special Further Education sector conference. A motion must be passed by a quorate branch meeting.

Unison voted for further action, the NUT are striking on 15 March, EIS has announced 32 days of action and we have unprecedented support from the labour leadership. There is a potential to unite the movement to break the pay freeze and turn the tide on further cuts to the sector.

Read UCU left report on FEC here.

Motion: Pay Campaign and FESC

Branch Notes:

On Friday 4th March UCU’s Further Education committee (FEC) voted by 2 votes to end this year’s pay campaign.

Branch believes:

  1. The strike on the 24th Feb, when we were joined by Unison members, was a success and created momentum with other unions now taking action.
  2. That, by not building upon the successful strike with Unison, the FEC has missed the opportunity to create momentum ‎around this year’s pay claim.
  3. The call for a fair pay rise is completely justified given that we have not had a pay rise for 6 years.
  4. Following the Unison leadership’s vote for more action, the NUT’s call for strike action on‪ 15 March and the days named by EIS in Scotland for escalating action, that we have missed an opportunity to unite the movement.

Branch resolves:

  1. To condemn the FEC decision
  2. To send messages of support to local 6th Form Colleges.
  3. To call for a Special Further Education conference on pay as soon as is practically possible to get an effective strategy back on.
  4. Call for the FESC to be in London to maximise attendance.
  5. To elect xxxx as our delegate to this FESC in the event it is called

Send to:

Paul Cottrell: PCottrell@UCU.ORG.UK (Constitutional affairs)

Copy David Bussell: dbussell@UCU.ORG.UK


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